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Print GHS compliant labels on demand

Ricoh offers printing of compliant GHS labels with outstanding quality and durability for the transportation of chemical and hazardous materials by sea.
Our label printing devices can print onto BS-5609 Section 2 compliant label stock. In addition, these printing devices meet Section 3 compliance when paired with compliant label stock, including Herma.

What does GHS stand for ?

GHS is the Globally Harmonised System of classification and labelling of hazardous substances. GHS labels are used to communicate information on the hazards of a specific material, and must meet the British Standard 5609 industry benchmark for certifying durability of labels during marine transit.

What products are able to print GHS labels ?

Ricoh has a range of colour print devices supporting the creation of GHS labels. A selection can be found below:

SP C840DN and SP C842DN

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